Blackwing Graphite Pencil - Volume 64 - Special Edition

From Clark Kent to Dick Tracy, the comics of the early 20th century defined a distinctly American mode of storytelling that still dominates our imaginations and movie screens decades later. Paying homage to the BAMs and POWs of classic comics, Blackwing's Volume 64 Graphite Pencil Set sports the iconic halftone dots and other CMYK trickery that gives those legendary characters their unique feel.

Blackwing's Volume 64 goes back to the Golden Age of comics, when stories of superheroes and two-fisted detectives were printed on cheap, flimsy paper. That paper quality made full-colour printing next to impossible, so artists and printers found crafty ways to communicate the colourful drama of these oversized adventures. The halftone printing method and Ben Day processing is what comes to mind when we think of comics, turning a limitation into an iconic feature.

Genuine FSC-certified Incense-cedar barrel. Graphite formulation lead.