Monteverde Regatta Fountain Pen - Harlequin - Limited Edition

Monteverde USA introduces the Regatta Harlequin Limited Edition 888 fountain pen, a writing marvel that artfully intertwines the classic elegance of a black and white harlequin pattern.

Originating from the patches adorning the costume of the witty and mischievous harlequin character in 16th-century Italian theater, this pen pays homage to the iconic contrast of black and white, capturing the essence of sophistication and artistic finesse. 

The meticulously crafted black and white harlequin motif adorns the pen's body and cap, creating a mesmerizing interplay of light and shadow. The pen's sleek form is a tribute to the harlequin's legacy, embodying a sense of mystery and style.

This limited edition is highlighted by the magnetic closure system that adds a touch of practicality. Effortless capping and posting redefine the writing experience, ensuring seamless transitions between creativity and practicality. The balanced weight of the pen enhances the writing journey, offering a comfortable grip and effortless strokes.

The Monteverde Regatta Harlequin fountain pen is presented in a deluxe gift box, accompanied by a 30 ml themed ink bottle.

Limited Edition of 888 pieces.

Nib: Stainless steel

Refills: International Standard Cartridges or Monteverde Converter (included) for bottle fill