Van Diemans Encore Ink Bottle 40ml - Assorted Colours

Encore is a collection of Fountain Pen Inks inspired by the Theatre, Opera and Ballet, featuring an elegant array of shimmering, sheening, shading and dual-toned fountain pen inks.

Aria is a medium saturation warm olive. It shows up darker and warmer on Rhodia and other absorbent papers, and cooler on Tomoe River. It holds some minor colour variation, separating into subtle pinks, blues and yellows on Tomoe river and other high quality papers.

Avant-Garde is a super saturated red sheening dark mysterious cool-toned green. It appears warmer and deeper on Rhodia, and much cooler, almost teal on Tomoe River and other high-grade papers. The red sheen shows up on both, as well as any other high quality paper.

Barber of Seville is a super-saturated deep royal blue, with a bold red sheen, which appears on any good quality paper. This is deeper and warmer than our sheening star, Blue-Ringed Octopus, and much more saturated than Bass Strait. A true Royal Blue, with a regal red sheen to accompany.

Crescendo is their most saturated red ever, with a bold gold sheen on Tomoe River and other good papers. 

Cupid's Bow is a playful fleshy pink, light to medium saturation with delicate and playful shading and Van Dieman's own silvery blue-gold shimmer formula.

Graceful Pirouette is a super light subtle shader, treading the line between grey and mauve taupe, with incredible shading on any paper.

Le Grand Jete is a light saturation playful shading blue-grey with Van Dieman's own silvery blue-gold shimmer formula.

Lost Love Letters is a multi-tonal shading ink that appears light green in the bottle. What colour it comes out depends entirely on the pen and paper combination it is used with. Light greys, olives and ambers, separating out into pinks, lues and greens. Try this ink on a variety of papers to see its full spectrum.

Madam Butterfly is a medium saturation mauve grey with a spectacular colour iridescent changing shimmer that shifts between gold, pink and green.

Maestro is a unique medium saturation yellow with a hint of lime green, with darker, greener variations in pools and halos.

Marriage of Figaro is a deep dark blue/black with a dark red sheen with a shimmer that separates between gold and rusty red.

Pas de Deux is a multi-tonal shading ink that lays down lavender purple and separates into pink and blue.

Prima Donna is a soft pink shading ink, light to medium saturation, that appears cooler on Tomoe River and warmer on Rhodia.

Stage Fright is a light to medium saturation grey blue with a light teal tone.

Standing Ovation is a super-saturated pink purple with an intense green gold sheen.

Swan Lake is a super light pink shader with Van Dieman's own silvery blue gold shimmer formula.

All sample swatches are on Rhodia paper.