Blackwing Starting Point Set

A perfect introduction to the power of pencils for you or a loved one, the Starting Point Set includes a 4 Blackwing pencils ranging from Soft to Extra Firm graphite. Explore the effect of different graphites, and find the right one for you with this handy set. The Starting Point Set also includes 2 Point Guards to keep your pencil points sharp while they're in your pencil case as well as Palomino Blackwing's own Black Long Point Sharpener to make sure you treat your Blackwing's right. Finally, the Set includes 2 packs of  Replacement Erasers – because sometimes people make mistakes.

INCLUDES: 4x pencils (1x Soft, 1x Balanced, 1x Firm and 1x Extra-firm graphite); 2 Point Guards; 1 Black long Point Sharpener; 2 packs of replacement erasers

MATERIALS: Genuine FSC-certified Incense-cedar barrel. Graphite formulation lead

SOURCE: Made in Japan