Caran dAche Leman Mechanical Pencil 0.7mm - Bicolour Yellow / Silver Plate / Rhodium Trim


Sometimes warm and shimmering like a fiery sunset on the waters of the lake. Sometimes soft and powdery like the clouds of an uncertain dawn, a palette of subtle tints is the inspiration of the Leman collection.

In a wonderland of colours composed of the pigments used in our Fine Arts products, the collection captures the rich chromatic variations that constantly change the face of Lake Leman. Dawn pink, daybreak saffron, absolute black… the collection has been developed in a variety of original shades, alternating the silky lacquer and the richness of gold or the sparkle of rhodium-coated silver with delicately engraved lines in the bicolour models. Infused with brilliance, they demonstrate Caran d’Ache profound mastery of colour while their rounded shape, echoing the soft shores of the lake, makes them delightfully comfortable writing instruments.

Lacquer is a precious, refined material that requires great care and attention in its application as well as its finishing. Polished repeatedly, it develops all its wonderful shine in the hands of a craftsman.

Finish: Highest quality Chinese Lacquer Body with Silver Plated / Rhodium Coated Cap and Trim

Mechanism: Smooth Twist Action Rotary Mechanism


0.7mm  Graphite leads


0.7mm leads