Fisher Space Pen AG7 Astronaut Moonwalker - Nickel Titanium

Fisher Space Pen Co. looks for opportunities to pay homage to the past, celebrate the present, and encourage the future of space exploration. The AG7-Moonwalker is the finest example of that opportunity you will find.

The AG7-Moonwalker pays homage to Col. Walt Cunningham, Apollo 7 Lunar Module Pilot, and the first astronaut to write with the Original AG7 in zero-gravity. The crew of Apollo 7 set high expectations for every future space flight and continues to be one of the greatest examples of American dedication to our nation’s space program.

The AG7 model of Space Pen is still used on every crewed spaceflight for NASA, JAXA, CNSA, ESA, and most recently, SpaceX. For over 50 years, Fisher Space Pen has been the chosen pen for space programs globally, not only for its unfailing functionality but because of its unique, storied history within the space community.

To honor and encourage the future of space exploration, the AG7-Moonwalker pays gratitude to the Artemis Program created to increase lunar exploration and lunar development, while creating a pathway to Mars. While some choose to dream small, the AG7-Moonwalker honors those who dream big.

In 1967, after over two years of rigorous testing by NASA, the Space Pen was selected for use by the astronauts of Apollo 7 and has been used on all manned space flights since then. The overall design of the Original Astronaut Pen has not changed in over 44 years, and the pen that you buy today, apart from several minor aesthetic changes, is nearly identical the one taken to the moon in 1969.

Material: Nickel Titanium over Brass

Refills: Fisher SPR Pressurised Ballpoint Refills