Graf Von Faber-Castell Pen of the Year 2020 Fountain Pen - Knights

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Numbered Limited Edition of 375 pieces, RRP $7,900 AUD.

Inspired by the most famous of all knights: King Arthur. His legend of early medieval Britain, about the sword Excalibur, the island of Avalon and the prophet Merlin has captivated people for centuries.

End piece: Adorned with a red, faceted garnet with sunray cut which is particularly impressive. In the Middle Ages this precious stone embodied light and truth and was used for jewelry and weapons

Barrel: Swords were essential weapons and status symbols. The shaft was made from leather, and the iridescent and the blade’s unique surface was achieved through repeated welding and folding of different types of steel – both reflected in the pen design. 

Cap: The slightly ribbed cap of the Pen of the Year is reminiscent of another aspect of knightly armour: the coat of mail, consisting of around 20,000 steel rings and weighing several kilos. The matt, anthracite surface is finished with a resilient PVD titanium coating. 

Nib: 18ct Gold with Ruthenium plating, Magnum sized

Refills: Piston fill, bottled ink only

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