LAMY JOY Calligraphy Pen Set White with Red Clip

Lamy Safari is designed by Wolfgang Fabian

Beautiful handwriting is an expression of personality and individuality.

LAMY Joy fountain pens are fitted with an italic calligraphy nib to make your correspondence, handwritten notes, and other creative writing unmistakably personal. With a tapered, ergonomic design, made of sturdy ABS plastic and a spring-loaded silver wire clip, the LAMY Joy sits comfortably in the hand with a weight and balance specifically engineered for creative writing. Interchangeable nibs allow you to unleash your creativity and experiment with an abundance of writing and drawing styles.

This Special edition White with Red Clip Joy Set comes with three size calligraphy nibs and three T10 packets of cartridges


Calligraphy nibs: 1.1, 1.5, & 1.9 included.


Standard LAMY T10 Cartridges (3 packets provided)

OR LAMY Z24 Converter (sold separately)

Size: 183 x 13 x 13 mm