LAMY Safari Fountain Pen Gift Set - Cozy Cream - Special Edition

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Lamy Safari is designed by Wolfgang Fabian

The Lamy Safari is part of the Lamy Young Writing range and is revered for its reliability, unfaltering consistency and capacity for robust use. The writing is very good and always the same. As this is a beginner's pen it is very easy to use and encourages writing. It does so by delivering a very smooth performance

The barrel is made of sturdy ABS plastic and this is the main reason for the pen's excellent affordability. The plastic is relatively lightweight for the pen's size, which again is good in not fatiguing the hands. It's simple and super tough.


1 x LAMY Safari Fountain Pen

1 x LAMY Z28 Converter

1 x LAMY T51 30ml Ink Bottle (Black)

1 x LAMY T10 Cartridges Pack of 5 (Black)