Pelikan Wall St Fountain Pen and Ballpoint Pen Set - Blue / Gold Trim - Limited Edition

Pelikan Wall St Fountain Pen and Ballpoint Pen Set 1257/4500

Year of Release: 1995

Pelikan’s Wall Street limited edition was designated the M815 and came to the market in 1995.  This model was obviously designed to target the world of banking, stock brokers, the economy, and industry.  It has been reported that the initial design of the pen was to have a pinstriped appearance.  While still on the drawing board, the book “Nieten in Nadelstreifen”  (“Failures in Pinstripe Suits”) was published prompting Pelikan to go back to the drawing board.  The result is the mottled grey pen that we have today.  The barrel is inlaid with a small 24 carat gold plaque.  The trim continues to be consistent with other M8xx models and the furniture is gold-plated.  The ink window here is a complimentary grey color and the nib is two toned 18 carat gold.  The crown again bears the edition number.  There were 2,600 fountains pens produced, 1,900 of which were sold in sets with an accompanying ballpoint pen. 


Fountain Pen: Piston fill, bottled ink only.

Ballpoint Pen: Standard G2 (Parker style) Ballpoint refills.

Condition Notes:

Scratches on interior and exterior of box

Fountain Pen: scratches on cap, grip and piston knob

Ballpoint: scratches on barrel