Pilot FJ-3MR-SB-F-NT Justus 95 FP Black Stripe Barrel Fine 14K Gold Nib

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Featuring an adjustable gold nib and classic body, the innovative Pilot Justus pen makes an elegant gift for any writer. A plate on the nib slides up and down to control the pen's flex, so it can be customized to any preference.
To adjust the nib, hold the grip and then twist the knurled adjuster. Twisting the adjuster in the "H" direction reduces the nib's flexibility and creates a harder feel when writing. Twisting the adjuster in the "S" direction allows for a greater flex and softer nib effect. Do not grip the barrel while twisting the adjuster, as this may cause the grip to unscrew from the barrel.

Nib: 14kt Gold

Refills: Pilot Ink Cartridges or CON-70 converter (included)