Pilot Iroshizuku Ink Bottle Gift Set (4 x 30ml) - Ma-Yo (During the Night) - Special Edition

A combination of the Japanese words ‘iro’ meaning colour and ‘shizuku’, translating to dew or droplet - Iroshizuku reflects Pilot’s mission to distill the unique beauty of the Japanese landscape, into every colour droplet found in each bottle of fountain pen ink.

• A well-behaved, water-based ink, suitable to use in all modern fountain pens. Can also be enjoyed with a paint brush or dip pen.

• A Special Edition run of 30ml glass bottles, presented in 6 unique gift sets of four pre-selected colours. Each set is inspired by quiet moments in nature that are distinctive to the Japanese landscape.

• The 30ml Iroshizuku bottles feature the same iconic fluted cap and are created to be beautifully displayed but are also easy to travel with.


Murasaki-shikibu - Japanese Beauty Berry

Chiku-rin - Bamboo Forest

Hotaru-bi - Firefly Glow

Tsuki-yo - Moonlight