Platinum 3776 Shape of Heart Fountain Pen - Black / Rose Gold Trim

Platinum has always had a heart-shaped breather hole in their nibs. Historically they have taken the heart-shaped cutouts to be melted down to make nibs. With the Shape of Heart #3776, two of the stamped-out gold hearts are incorporated into the domed finial, which is filled with crystals.

Platinum's latest technology and innovative cap design, "Slip & Seal" prevents the ink from drying out for up to 24 months.

This black fountain pen is accented by rose gold trim and features a 14kt rose gold nib. This is limited to 2,000 pens worldwide.

Presented in a special box that includes a 20ml bottle of Platinum Aurora Blue ink, a converter, and a blue-black ink cartridge.

Refills: Platinum Ink Cartridges or Platinum Converter (included)