Van Diemans Tassie Seasons (Autumn) Ink Bottle 30ml

Van Dieman's Ink celebrate the changing landscape of Tasmania throughout the year with their Tassie Seasons collections.

Deciduous Beech
The Deciduous beech (Nothofagus gunnii), or fagus, is found only in Tasmania, and is Australia's only native deciduous tree. Every year in late April and May, the slopes of Cradle Mountain, Mnt Field and large swathes of wilderness are coated with the gorgeous rust red, golden yellow and fiery orange of the fagus leaves at a time locally dubbed "the turning of the fagus".
This ink is a bright and light orange, much more so than the others in the Van Dieman's Range, with excellent shading quality and ideal for artistic brush or line work, but also beautiful in medium to broad nibbed pens.

Tassie Seasons' Pepperberry is a deeply dark black-blue ink, with a slight violet hue, named and based on the native Tasmannia lanceolata, commonly known as the Tasmanian Pepperberry. Used as a traditional medicine and as a pepper substitute by early colonials, it is now sought after as an Australian bushfood condiment.
Pepperberry is Van Dieman's darkest blue ink to date, bordering on jet black with broad and wet-writing pens, but exhibiting blue and violet hues under light and a dark red sheen.

Pixie Parasols
Mycena Interrupta are tiny, fragile, translucent mushrooms, growing in clusters on rotting wet wood in the Autumn months of Tasmania. They earn their cute, catchy name from their diminutive size and their white gills, which show through their translucent caps, giving the illusion of parasol structures, while their colour is a bright, brilliant cyan. These beautiful and delicate little mushrooms lend their name and colour to this ink, which is easily the lightest blue in the Van Dieman's Range. This inks shades very well, and is perfectly suited for artistic brushwork and inkwashing, but also beautiful in medium to broad nibbed pens.

Sweet Fig
Tasmanian produce is among the richest and most delicious in the world, and Autumn is in no way lacking. Decadent, dark figs are an easy find in the backyards of Tasmanian homes, as well as the orchards that pepper the state.
This ink, which is a deep, dark mahogany red with purplish tones and a near black sheen, is an excellent alternative as an everyday writer, appearing nearly black in wet writing pens, but with a warm, velvety hue.

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