Visconti Divina Desert Springs BP

**This pen is last of line and has been displayed**

The Visconti Divina Desert Springs Ballpoint features a rich brown celluloid body, with highlights of white and blue that symbolise natural springs. Platinum plated trim is the final touch on this elegant pen.

The inspiring concepts are: the Golden Number, the Pentagram, and the Nautilus.
- The Golden Number: the ratio between the length of cap and pen in both open and close conditions reflecting the divine proportion.
- The Pentagram: it is part of the form of the pen itself, of course adapted to the ergonomic needs of a writing instrument.
- The Nautilus or `Golden Spiral`: according to the Fibonacci Series, the Golden Spiral envelops the pen without breaking up.

Refills: Standard G2 (Parker style) Ballpoint refills