Conklin 1898 Fountain Pen - Misto Green

Misto - The art of resin mixing. From liquid to solids using the latest advanced techniques. The Conklin Pen Company is proud to introduce a brand new, beautiful pen collection – Conklin 1898 in Misto colours. In Italian, Misto means “mixed” or “mixed together”, which refers to the new unique resin mix of various multiple colours for each pen.

Mixing resins for luxury pens requires precision and attention to detail to achieve a superior and aesthetically pleasing result. The process is started by selecting a high-quality liquid resin, choosing suitable colour combinations, and following a precise step by step process of mixing the colours together.

Conklin 1898 is inspired by the rich heritage of the Conklin brand, designed with comfort and durability in mind. This collection is suited to individuals looking for a well-sized, cigar shaped pen that provides a larger surface area for a comfortable grip while writing. 

All writing instruments feature a cap ring with a Conklin original vintage pattern, initially used on the first self-filling pens produced by the company back in 1898. The ring also features the year the legendary Conklin pen company was founded by Roy Conklin in Toledo, Ohio. Together, these elements pay homage to the vintage Conklin era and its extraordinary legacy in the world of writing instruments. Lastly, each pen features Conklin’s distinctive “rocker style” clips, designed for a smooth clip-on action. 

Trim: Chrome

Nib: Stainless Steel

Refills: Standard International Cartridges or Conklin Converter (included)