Van Diemans Voyagers Ink Bottle 30ml - Assorted Colours

Gudrid Far-Traveler, a mesmerizing ink inspired by the daring voyages of Gudrid Thorbjarnardóttir, the first European woman to set foot on the Americas. Born in Iceland during the Viking Age, Gudrid embarked on a series of incredible journeys that would take her across the Atlantic, becoming a pioneer and a testament to the indomitable spirit of adventure.

Our ink celebrates Gudrid's fearless spirit with an icy blue hue, evoking the frosty landscapes she traversed during her travels to Greenland and the distant shores of North America. A subtle hint of turquoise adds depth to the ink, reminiscent of the glacial waters she sailed. But Gudrid's life was not just about exploration; it was also about transformation. In honor of her ever-changing journey, our ink features a captivating new shimmer that changes in the light between pink, red, and gold.

Gudrid's story did not end with her voyages to the Americas. Later in life, she travelled to the royal courts of Norway, the isles of Britain, and undertook a pilgrimage across Europe to the eternal city of Rome, where she marveled at the architectural wonders and the diverse cultures that converged there. Upon her return to Iceland, she embraced her newfound faith and lived the rest of her life as a nun in the church her son Snorri, the first European to be born in the Americas, built for her.

For an exceptional writing experience that captures the essence of Gudrid's remarkable life, pair this ink with a medium-broad pen that can be disassembled for easy cleaning. Whether you are documenting your own adventures or penning your thoughts on the world, let Gudrid Far-Traveler inspire you with its enchanting colors and the indelible legacy of a true pioneer.

Embrace the spirit of adventure and exploration, and let your pen transport you to new worlds with Gudrid Far-Traveler. Write your own history, inspired by a woman who defied the boundaries of her time and charted a course that would forever change the course of history.

Heemskerck and Zeehaen, a captivating ink that pays homage to the illustrious journey of Dautch explorer Abel Tasman and the two vessels that bore him into the annals of history. In 1642, under the patronage of Anthony Van Diemen, Governor-General of the Dutch East India Company, Tasman embarked on a voyage aboard the Heemskerck and the Zeehaen that would forever change our understanding of the world.

This ink captures the spirit of that voyage with a complex palette of chestnut brown that gracefully shades into a dark chocolate hue, embodying the tenacity and strength of the Heemskerck and the Zeehaen. The robust, darker tone reflects the larger Heemskerck, while the lighter chestnut symbolizes the smaller but no less significant Zeehaen. Together, they sail once more on the sea of your page, charting a course through your words and thoughts.

When laid thick on the page, our ink reveals a breathtaking green sheen, a tribute to the pristine, untouched beauty of Tasmania – then Van Diemen's Land – that greeted Tasman's astonished eyes. This sheen is the essence of the verdant wilderness, the sparkling coves, the forest-clad mountains – a land of stunning, unspoiled beauty.

Kay Cottee, a tribute in ink to an extraordinary woman who forever imprinted her name on the pages of maritime history. Kay Cottee, an indomitable Australian yachtswoman, set sail on November 29, 1987, to carve her name into the annals of seafaring legends. She emerged victorious 189 days later, on June 5, 1988, as the first woman to complete a solo, non-stop and unassisted circumnavigation of the globe.

This ink is an echo of Cottee's odyssey, a deep oceanic blue nuanced with a hint of salty teal, capturing the essence of the tumultuous seas she navigated. Its depth and breadth mimic the wide, imposing Southern Ocean that dared challenge her unwavering spirit.

Woven into this aquatic tapestry is a silver shimmer, bursting into a turquoise spectacle when hit by the light. It symbolises the celestial map that guided her across the planet's most formidable waters, the stars that whispered directions into the quiet of the night.

As fleeting as the transition between day and night, a vivid red sheen makes its appearance in slender lines and rivulets. It encapsulates the hues of dawn and dusk, those magical moments that promised new experiences as Cottee crossed latitudes and longitudes, undaunted by the vastness of the open sea.

"Kay Cottee" ink pays homage to the sheer determination, resilience, and thirst for discovery that characterised her journey. It’s a testament to a brave woman who dared to take on the world's oceans solo and emerged unscathed. We recommend this unique ink to be paired with a medium to broad pen that can be disassembled for easy cleaning to truly bring out its shimmer. May every stroke you make with this ink inspire you to embrace the spirit of exploration, much like Kay Cottee herself.

To fully experience the depth and beauty of Heemskerck and Zeehaen, we recommend a wet-flowing, medium-broad pen. It allows the green sheen to shine through, echoing the breathtaking vistas of Tasmania's natural wonders.

With each stroke of Heemskerck and Zeehaen ink, you embark on your own voyage of discovery, just as Abel Tasman did under Anthony Van Diemen's auspices. Let this ink guide your pen, and may your words uncover new lands and horizons, just as Tasman's voyage revealed Tasmania – the land that lends our company its name. Here's to the spirit of exploration, and to the voyage that awaits within every bottle of Heemskerck and Zeehaen.

Woollarawarre Bennelong, an exceptional ink that embodies the rich, multifaceted journey of an extraordinary man. Bennelong, of the Wangal clan and the Eora people, an Indigenous group of tribes and clans of the Port Jackson area around what is now Sydney, stood as a significant figure in the early history of colonial Australia. He bridged two vastly different worlds, being the first indigenous Australian to grace the shores of England.

This exquisite ink captures Bennelong's story, mirroring his life's vibrant complexity and his unique role as an interlocutor between the British colonisers and his people. In the bottle, it appears a harmonious blend of instant coffee and dark forest green, but its true magic unfurls once it meets the paper.

Upon contact, the ink blossoms into a deep eucalypt green, reminiscent of the lush bushland of Bennelong's homeland. This verdant hue whispers tales of ancient gum trees, under whose shade Bennelong first learnt the ways of his people.

As the ink dries, it unveils a mottled tapestry of colours. Rosy pink blushes in the wetter areas, evoking the vibrant Australian sunsets that painted the skies of Bennelong's youth. Where the ink is thinly spread, an earthy brown emerges, symbolising the very soil of his native land that nurtured and sustained the Eora people.

In a surprising twist, the ink teases out highlights and halos of green and blue, mirroring the crystal-clear waters of Sydney Harbour, where Bennelong encountered the British for the first time.

Fountain Pen Ink 30ml

Australian Made