Graf Von Faber-Castell Pen of the Year 2022 Fountain Pen - Aztecs

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In 2022, the Pen of the Year places the spotlight on the Aztecs, their culture, look and religious rituals. The Aztec gods and symbols and the many prophecies of this period provide the inspiration for the Pen of the Year 2022.

The Stone of the Five Suns creation myth guides us through the Pen of the Year’s design. The myth splits the cosmic age into five eras: the Jaguar Sun, Wind Sun, Rain Sun, Water Sun and – our current world – the Earthquake Sun.

In 1428, in what is today known as Mexico, three city-states formed the Aztec Triple Alliance, the foundations for what was to become the mighty Aztec Empire, which still intrigues people to this day

The grip of the Pen of the Year 2022 is made of a cool, matt stone called obsidian, a volcanic glass. The gemstone obsidian was frequently used throughout the history of the Aztecs. Aztec commoners made swords, spearheads and arrowheads out of this sharp-edged matter. In mythology, Tezcatlipoca, the god of the north, wears jaguar garments and carries an obsidian mirror and a tecpatl knife made of black obsidian.

According to myth, when the world was created, the gods divided it into the heavens, the Earth and the underworld. Mictlāntēcutli – the god of the dead – adorns the end piece of the Pen of the Year 2022. Depictions of Mictlāntēcutli portray him as a skull adorned with owl feathers. This image of the god of the dead reflects the beliefs of the Aztecs. Skeletons were considered symbols of fertility, health and excess. Decorated skulls still play a key role in Mexican culture today, particularly on the Day of the Dead. Feathers were more highly valued than gold in Aztec culture. The engraved turquoise set into the end piece represents this god of the dead and the power and look associated with him.

The charcoal-grey barrel with a diamond-like carbon coating features countless small, engraved skulls. The inspiration behind this were the walls found in Templo Mayor, which were made of rows of skulls. The Aztecs held ceremonies to offer this human sacrifice to their gods, especially Tlaloc and Huītzilōpōchtli, who both have shrines in a pyramid at Templo Mayor dedicated to them. To this day, ‘tzompantli’ (skull racks) can be found in many historical buildings throughout Central America.

As one of their most valuable treasures, the Aztecs adored the rare turquoise gemstone. This is why small turquoise discs grace the cap top and barrel’s end piece in the Pen of the Year 2022. The blue-green stone was highly prized by the Aztecs, who used it to decorate masks, knives and shields as well as for ritual purposes. The Aztecs worshipped the god Xiuhtecuhtli as the ‘Turquoise Lord’. He was married to Chalchiuhtlicue, the goddess of lakes, rivers and oceans.

The Aztecs were told to seek a new home in the place where they could see an eagle sitting on a cactus, devouring a snake. After 200 years of exploration, they spot the prophesied image. The grooved shape of the cap on the Pen of the Year 2022 represents that prickly pear cactus. The eagle is engraved in the turquoise disc in the end of the cap. The place where the Aztec people settled in ca. 1320 after following the prophecy is now one of the largest cities in the world: Mexico City.

Limited Edition of 375 pieces.

Nib: 18kt Gold with Ruthenium coating

Refills: Piston Fill, bottled ink only