Kaweco Classic Sport Calligraphy Set - Black

The Kaweco Sport Calligraphy Set is a sophisticated and impressive calligraphy set for those with a discerning eye for pens and a passion for writing.

The kit comprises a Kaweco Sport Classic Fountain Pen with four steel italic nibs: 1.1mm, 1.5mm, 1.9mm, and 2.3mm. Also included are plastic caps to keep all nibs clean while in use.

It is boxed in a smart and clever sliding case with two packs of Kaweco black cartridges and a calligraphy instruction leaflet.

These compact calligraphy pens are a modern classic. 


Resin with Kaweco Hallmarks


Stainless Steel with Iridium Tip in:

1 x 1.1mm

1 x 1.5mm

1 x 1.9mm

1 x 2.3mm


Takes Kaweco Cartridges or Standard International Cartridges.

Also available is an optional Kaweco Converter (sold separately) for use with bottled ink.