Kaweco Collection Perkeo Fountain Pen - Infrared

A new collection variant that is by no means secretive - full of energy and luminosity, the Kaweco Perkeo shines in an electrifying infrared.

Depending on the light, the exciting color covers a wide spectrum from red to magenta. The light can shine through the translucent plastic and is reflected at the many different angles and edges of the fountain pen. This creates an artistic spectacle of light and shadow. The silver elements also underline the clear character of the pen.

A special highlight is the transparent ink guide of the writing instrument. This allows you to observe how the colored ink makes its way through the pen onto the paper. Matching the pen color, the Kaweco Collection Perkeo Infrared is equipped with a ruby ​​red ink cartridge as standard.

Refills: International Standard Cartridges or Kaweco Universal Converter