Kaweco Piston AL Sport Fountain Pen Set - Black / Gold Trim

This set features a  Kaweco Piston AL Sport fountain pen and a 32ml of royal blue Kaweco ink.

The Kaweco Sport piston fountain pen is the smallest of its kind due to the sophisticated and compact mechanics in the ratio of pen size to ink filling volume. This iconic pocket fountain pen is only 10.5 cm when closed and grows to a normal size of 13 cm when the cap is posted. The small size makes it ideal for traveling and ensures a long and pleasant writing experience.

The ink level can be viewed at all times via the transparent ink window. 
The matt anodised surface of the robust aluminium housing is extremely durable and gives the pen a high-quality feel. The perfect balance between weight and diameter of the fountain pen also ensures that the hand does not tire even after long periods of writing. By combining it with golden decorative elements, the functionality is matched with stylish elegance and thus combines traditional filling methods with the modern age.

Refills: Piston filler, bottled ink only