Maiora Impronte Fountain Pen - Terre

The Maiora Impronte is a numbered edition fountain pen that immediately catches the eye through a harmonious combination of colour that invites the user to celebrate the beautiful life that Italy provides. It embodies a blue-brown palette, evoking the soil and water of Italy, that create the produce behind its famous cuisine. Impronte’s design and the emotion it evokes serves as inspiration for Maiora’s artisans as they create each piece by hand, using old skills passed down through the generations. Impronte collection, the beautiful Italy that one envisions or dreams about.

International lifetime warranty

Filling System: “Converter Special” filling system uses a special threaded converter that allows the pen to be filled like a standard piston fountain pen.  Embellished by gold plating and engraved with Maiora’s trademark, it can be accessed by unscrewing the blind cap located at the bottom of the pen shaft to activate the piston.  

Nib: Gold Plated Stainless Steel

Refills: Standard International Cartridges or Maiora Converter (included)