Manuscript Oblique Nib Holder Calligraphy Set - Black

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Modern Calligraphy Oblique Set

  • A superb writing tool for those looking to learn or master the art of script-style calligraphy. 
  • Features a special dip pen with an 'Oblique' fitting, which makes it much easier to write in script or cursive font styles.
  • Includes a selection of nibs and an ink bottle to allow experimenting with different styles and techniques.
  • The perfect set for creating the thick and thin lines required in modern day calligraphy.
  • This set makes a great gift, suitable for both beginners and master calligraphers.
  • Set contains:
    •   1 black oblique dip pen
    •   3 assorted dip nibs
    •   1 bottle black ink 7ml
    •   1 modern calligraphy worksheet created by renowned modern calligrapher Artsynibs
    •   1 storage tin