Monteverde Innova Fountain Pen & Ink - Viva Magenta - Special Edition

Monteverde Viva Magenta fountain pen ink – vibrant, joyous, vigorous, powerful, well-balanced, between warm & cold, boldness & fun, crimson red color. Viva Magenta ink is the official colour of the year 2023 and is originated from red of the cochineal beetle, one of the strongest and brightest natural dyes obtained from the cochineal insect.

Monteverde Viva Magenta fountain pen is an electrifying and powerful pen that inspires self-expression, experimentation, and confidence. Make every stroke stand out with Viva Magenta fountain pen.

This set includes one Innova Viva Magenta fountain pen and one 30ml bottle of Viva Magenta ink.

Refills: International Standard Cartridges or Monteverde converter (included)