Monteverde Super Mega Fountain Pen - Carbon / Rose Gold Trim

Monteverde's Mega collection first appeared as the Ink Ball. The new Carbon fibre range is a stylish upgdate to the familiar shape.

Carbon fibre is a polymer, a material made of a long, repeating chain of molecules or macromolecules, which produces a very strong material that is also very lightweight. Stronger than steel when properly utilized, carbon fibre is extremely durable and resistant to the type of damage and wear and tear common to writing instruments.

The design of the Monteverde Super Mega Carbon features elegantly contoured carbon fibre treated with a clear protective layer on the cap and barrel, making it comfortable in hand and extremely durable. The Super Mega Carbon collection is available in three distinctive trims (rose gold, chrome and gunmetal).

This is a solid pen, with a wide diameter (15mm barrel / 18mm cap) and 51gm weight.

Refills: Standard International Cartridges or Monteverde Converter (included)