Nahvalur Original Fountain Pen - Spring

The Nahvalur Original Spring offers a captivating view of its piston-filling mechanism in action, allowing the writer to witness the graceful movement and the ink swirling within the crystal-clear barrel reservoir. Enhanced by a transparent resin body, this pen exudes elegance, complemented by an art deco chrome clip and an engraved barrel band. Experience a heightened level of refined sophistication as the piston effortlessly glides, creating a mesmerizing display of ink dynamics within the reservoir.

A Splash of Spring’s Colour

The Original: Spring is a visual ode to the season that echos the fresh hues of springtime. The green colour-plated trim adds a touch of sophistication, making the Original: Spring a statement piece for the season of rejuvenation.

Quality Meets Affordability

True to the Nahvalur tradition, the Original: Spring comes with their in-house stainless steel nib. Known for their smoothness, these nibs promise a writing experience that's as flawless as the flow of a serene spring brook.


Finish: Clear, Transparent Resin
Trims and Clip: Green
Nib: No. 6 stainless steel
Pen Length, closed: 146.5 mm
Pen Length, open, cap off: 133 mm
Pen Length, open, cap posted: 176mm
Pen Diameter, barrel: 13.5mm
Pen Diameter, section: 10mm - 11 mm
Pen Total Weight: 19.8 g

Refills: Piston Filler, bottled ink only