Nahvalur Voyage Fountain Pen - Pride 2024 - Limited Edition

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Celebrate with Style and Purpose
Nahvalur's Voyage Pride 2024 features a stunning, vibrant design that reflects the diversity and unity of the LGBTQ+ community. Each pen is crafted with precision and care, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable writing experience.

Distinctive Designs: The Voyage: Pride 2024 features a bold, colorful pattern that is sure to stand out.

  • Edition: 2024 Pride Limited Edition
  • Pen Material: DiamondCast Resin
  • Trim: Gold-Plated
  • Nib: Gold-Plated stainless steel #6 nib (made in-house by Nahvalur) 
  • Pen Length: 149mm
  • Pen Length, Open: 133mm
  • Pen Length, Open (Cap Posted): Cannot be posted
  • Pen Barrel Diameter: 13mm
  • Pen Grip Section Diameter: 10mm - 11.5mm
  • Pen Weight: 36.85g

Refills: Piston Filler, Bottled Ink only