Nahvalur Voyage Vacation Fountain Pen - Quebec - Limited Edition

As the final stop along our journey this year, the Voyage Vacation: Quebec takes everyone to people’s favorite destination to soak up the lively French Canadian Culture, a unique culture in North America.

Quebec carries the Nahvalur heritage as always, from the ink window, to the piston-filling mechanism, all the way to their in-house stainless steel nibs.

  • Edition: Voyage Vacation Collection: Quebec
  • Pen Material: Resin
  • Trim: Gold-Plated
  • Nib: Stainless steel #6 nib (made in-house by Nahvalur) finished in gold
  • - Pen Length, Closed: 149mm
  • - Pen Length, Open (Cap Off): 133mm
  • - Pen Length, Open (Cap Posted): Cannot be posted
  • - Pen Barrel Diameter: 13mm
  • - Pen Grip Section Diameter: 10mm - 11.5mm
  • - Pen Weight: 36.85g

Refills: Piston Filler