Pelikan Classic 205 Fountain Pen & Ink Set - Rose Quartz - Special Edition

**ETA September 2023**

Simply Classic

The perfectly shaped fountain pen Classic 205 unites classic design with modern elements. Admirers of Pelikan's unique style will take great pleasure in the sophisticated Classic 205.

The colour of the Special Edition series is finely tuned to the delicate shades of natural rose quartz, ranging from soft pink to intense rosé. The light-colored interior components accentuate the pure, soft-pink appearance, while the velvet-matte material composition offers a glimpse of the piston mechanism and ink level.

The M205 Rose Quartz Set is presented in a beautiful gift box which includes a matching bottle of special edition Rose Quartz Edelstein Ink of The Year 2022.

Refill: Piston mechanism, bottled ink only