Pelikan Classic M 200 Fountain Pen - Marble Brown

The shimmering and swirling marbled pearl effects of the casing are different with each Classic 200 Brown-Marbled fine writing instrument. Featuring a perfect appearance with an unmistakable Pelikan design. Details such as the transparent, tinted ink viewing window, the gold-plated decorative ring and the classic beak clip complete the harmonious overall appearance of the fountain pen.

The M 200 fountain pen comes with 24kt gold-plated clip and rings. This fountain pen also features the patented Pelikan differential piston mechanism for use with bottled ink, and is equipped with a gold-plated stainless steel nib.

Every writing instrument is assembled by hand and carefully checked to meet the strictest quality standards. It is presented and shipped in a specially designed Pelikan gift box.

Refills: Piston Fill - Bottled Ink only