Pilot Capless Fountain Pen - Kanreki 2023 - Limited Edition

‘KANREKI’ – Celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the PILOT Capless.
In Japanese tradition, when an individual reaches the age of 60, they have completed five
full cycles of the Chinese zodiac and returned to their original birth sign.

The term ‘Kanreki’ stems from ‘kan’ 還 meaning ‘return’ and ‘reki’ 暦 denoting ‘calendar’.
Celebrating a 60th Anniversary is not merely seen as a reflection of time passed but as a
unique opportunity to embark on a new chapter in life and start afresh.

Red holds immense significance across cultures and is considered a sacred color,
symbolising strength, rejuvenation, and the beginning of a new chapter in life.
Embodying the essence of ‘Kanreki’, the colour red is the perfect choice for this
remarkable jubilee.

Sacred Red Barrel with Matte Black Trim

Nib: Black Ion-Plated 18kt Gold

Numbered Limited Edition of 2023 pieces

We have:

#1141, #1161 - Fine Nib

Refills: Pilot IC-50 Cartridges or CON-40 Converter (included)