Pilot Custom Heritage SE Fountain Pen - Marble Orange

The release of the Custom Heritage SE brings in a new era for Pilot. The premium quality and experience of a traditional Japanese fountain pen is now available in modern and vibrant materials usually seen in European pens. The ‘SE’ comes from French word ‘seul’, meaning ‘unique’, as every pen has a rich swirling pattern that is one-of-a-kind.

• Barrel and cap is made of a special marble black resin with striking swirls of colour and shimmer

• Traditional Japanese Cigar Barrel with modern flat top

• Rhodium-plated Brass Trim and Steel Clip

Nib • Size #5 Rhodium-plated 14K Gold Nib 

Refills: Pilot IC-50 Cartridges or Pilot CON-70 Converter (included)