Platinum Procyon Maki-e Fountain Pen - Cranes Over Moon

"Maki-e" is a combination of the Japanese words for "sprinkle" and "paint", referring to the technique of lacquering a surface with detailed images and metallic powders.

The design of the Cranes over Moon incorporates the style of “Rimpa,” which is one of the art forms of Japanese paintings. Cranes have long been cherished in Japan as a symbol of good luck and used in various items and kimono patterns since ancient times.

Body: Aluminum with a silk-screened image and hand-painted maki-e accents
Trim: Chrome plated
Cap: Slip & Seal Mechanism, Screw-type
Nib: Stainless Steel
Length: 139.7mm
Diameter: 14.4mm
Weight: 23.3g

Refills: Platinum Cartridges or Platinum Converter (sold separatley)