Retro 51 Tornado Rescue Series 5 Ballpoint Pen - Cat

Retro 51's Cat Rescue is an ideal pen for a cat lover.

Embrace the playful and lovable spirit of cats with the newest Cat Rescue writing instruments from Retro 51. These Tornados showcase irresistibly cute cat illustrations – where every stroke becomes a delightful expression of feline charm.  Each writing instrument is silk-screened with the playful cats and then coated in a gloss clear coat and finished with Stealth Black accents. With each purchase, a contribution will be made to Take Me Home Pet Rescue, a Texas-based nonprofit dedicated to addressing homeless pet overpopulation and finding loving homes for rescued animals.  Adopt the Cat Rescue today and provide it with a forever home, where it'll bring years of enjoyment to your writing endeavors.

Collection: Rescue

Refill: Standard G2 (Parker style) Ballpoint Refills or Retro 51 REF5P Rollerball Refills