Retro 51 Tornado Rollerball - Origin - Limited Edition

25 years ago, Retro 51 introduced a new pen — the Tornado. These pens were made in three lacquer colors: red, blue and green. Little did they know the impact that these retractable rollerballs with a knurled top would have. Since 1997, they have expanded the Tornado collection to include additional colors and new series such as the Vintage Metalsmith, Brass Classics, Rescue line, Poppers, Dealer Exclusives and licensed partnerships.  

Retro 51 are electrified to add a new Tornado special release to their collection and yours—the Origin. In honor of the first three Tornado pens, this pen is made up of a series of horizontal lines cascading down the cream barrel in the three original colors. The pen is finished with chrome accents and a finial that includes the same style as the barrel with a red 25 in the center. This pen is a must have for fans from the beginning, a great introduction for newer fans, and a soon to be keepsake for everyone.

  • Limited Edition of 997 pieces (significant to the year 1997, when Tornado was first released by Retro51)
  • Red, green, and blue printed design over an ivory lacquer on stainless barrel
  • Chrome accents
  • Top disc - the number 25, celebrating the 25th anniversary of Tornado. 

Refills: Retro 51 REF5P Capless Rollerball refills or G2 (Parker style) refills