Van Diemans Fusion - The Green Pack

Van Dieman's Fusion
Craft Your Palette
The Green Pack

Unearth the enchantment of nature's lush landscapes and blend a limitless palette of yellow, green, teal and blue.
Included in this pack:

Vivid Blue (50ml Mixable Fountain Pen Ink): Capture the essence of deep oceans and cloudless skies. A standalone beauty, this ink also acts as a base for crafting unparalleled greenish hues. Vivid Blue is a high saturation blue with a good red sheen.

Golden Yellow (50ml Mixable Fountain Pen Ink): An ode to the radiant sun and the warm glow of daisies. When fused with Vivid Blue, the possibilities are endless.

Shimmering Liquids - highly pigmented liquids, chemically identical to fountain pen ink, but with a double shot of glitz - Use Sparingly! Add a few drops to your creation. Also usable in any standard fountain pen ink.
Sky Blue (10ml Shimmering Liquid): A touch of the ethereal, a glint reminiscent of the morning horizon.
Lilypad Green (10ml Shimmering Liquid): Glimmering reflections of sun-dappled water lilies.

Mixing Accessories: With two empty 20ml bottles, you have room to experiment, innovate, and invent. The provided eyedroppers in every bottle ensure precision in every blend.

All these treasures are nestled within a beautifully crafted gift box with softly flocked foam padding, making it a perfect keepsake or a thoughtful gift - stylish instruction manual included.

Blending your own ink is a joy and a journey. Start out with 10ml of either of your base inks. Then add the alternate colour a drop or two at a time and see the myriad of colours you develop. Add your shimmers as you see fit; a drop for a light bling, a squirt for a heavy shine, or none at all. The beauty of Fusion is its flexibility; feel free to express and explore.

Compatibility is key. The Green Pack harmoniously mingles with all four other Fusion packs, offering a spectrum of colours and sensations. Pair with Van Dieman's Ink Diluter to achieve lighter, softer tones.