Van Diemans Greek Heroes Ink Bottle 30ml - Assorted Colours

Van Dieman's Ink launch an extraordinary new collection that pays homage to the legendary figures of ancient Greece. Van Dieman's Greek Heroes Collection is a tribute to the valor, wisdom, and enduring spirit of the iconic warriors and leaders who have inspired generations.

Leonidas: Embrace the courage of Leonidas, who, with a handful of men, stood against the might of Xerxes' army. Leonidas ink is a deep, scarlet red, mirroring the Spartan cloaks, devoid of shimmer yet full of the saturation and bravery of the 300.

Achilles: Channel the unmatched power and leadership of Achilles, the ultimate warrior of the Greek legends. This royal purple ink, dusted with a light bronze shimmer, reflects the noble cloth of Achilles and the Bronze Age's grandeur. It's a tribute to the epic battles and timeless stories that have captivated us for millennia.

Alexander: Draw inspiration from Alexander the Great, a leader whose wisdom and strategic brilliance were beyond his years. The Alexander ink is a unique beige, peppered with golden shimmer, symbolizing his courage, intelligence, and the legendary conquests that shaped history.

Odysseus: Embark on the epic journeys of Odysseus with an ink that captures the essence of his adventures across the dark and mysterious seas. This deep teal, with its chameleon shimmer shifting from gold to green, blue, pink, and purple, reflects the hope and peril of the Odyssey. A red sheen on quality paper mimics the break of daylight, promising hope to the weary voyager.

Each ink in the Greek Heroes Collection is crafted with the finest materials, designed to inspire your writing and bring the tales of yore to life. Explore the collection today and let the legends of Greece colour your writing journey.

Fountain Pen Ink 30ml

Australian Made