Van Diemans Underwater Ink Bottle 30ml - Assorted Colours

Van Dieman's Underwater is the 7th series from Van Dieman’s Ink. Inspired by the Flora, Fauna, regions and mystery of the ocean, this collection of fountain pen and shimmer inks contains some of our most unique and experimental inks to date. 


This Ink is based upon the Abyssopelagic zone, the 4th oceanic zone, and is the point were the ocean floor flattens out after the continental drop. It resembles a dark and mysterious level in which all lifeforms take on wonderful alien-like abilities and traits. Absolutely no light reaches this region and they have utilized a high concentration of a unique Indian dye to make this ink their most saturated black yet.


Bioluminescence is named after the phenomenon of an incredible blue glowing algae that blooms regularly around Tasmania. This ink is a rich dark blue ink that appears black on almost all papers, with an outstanding red sheen that almost outshines the undercolour on acid free papers, and vibrant blue shimmer. The saturation, under hue, sheen and shimmer combine to become a complex multilayer ink that mimics the appearance of bright blue glowing sea shimmer on a dark blue near-black ocean reflecting the last red light of dusk.

Blue Ringed Octopus

The Blue Ringed Octopus is the most venomous creature in the world, living in the rock pools and shallow waters of Tasmania, and smaller than your hand. Usually a well hidden light brown, it shows off distinct bright blue rings all over its body when threatened. These rings are so bright that they are almost luminescent and often have red around the edges. This ink is their most saturated blue ink to date, with a magnificent red sheen on most paper types.

Deep Sea Diver

The vintage diving suits, worn in a bygone era, are the inspiration for this dark grey-brown ink with bronzed shimmer.

Fire Coral

Fire Coral is a venomous coral that produces a fire like sting. The colour of this coral is a very morose dark red. Van Dieman’s has been working on a dark red of this hue for a very long time now, and achieved it by using a single specific Indian dye at extremely high saturation. This is their darkest, most saturated, most vivid dark red to date.

Ghost Ship

This is Van Dieman’s first true Indigo, and a highly saturated ink, combining two Indian dyes to create a rich deep indigo base colour with orange golden sheen on good quality papers.

Moon Jellyfish

This ink represents the beautiful moon jellyfish that lives in the north Atlantic Ocean, where they thrive. They have a very pretty distinct colour that ranges from light blue to bright pink. This ink is a true pink, with both pink base colour and pink tinted shimmer.

Neptune's Necklace

This colour is based upon the oddly shaped seaweed of the same name, resembling a beaded necklace as it grows along the sea floor. This ink is a sumptuous olive-green bronzed honey colour, which shades well and flows smoothly.

Parrot Fish

The Parrot Fish is one of the most colourful fish imaginable that live in our oceans, and it was the inspiration for this bright and bubbly ink. This ink has a perfect turquoise base colour and a vibrant purple shimmer.

Royal Starfish

A bold, deep, saturated purple sporting a bright green-gold sheen on good quality paper, Royal Starfish is named and designed after the bright and beautiful sea star of the same name.

Sea Dragon

This is a beautiful lime green, named after Tasmania’s own Leafy Sea Dragon. This ink is lighter than the other greens in the Van Dieman's range, and their first true lime green.

Sea Shell

This ink is a bright and colourful shimmer ink. This is a light beige-orange ink with a unique orange-red shimmer, reminiscent of sparkling sunlight dancing on shells tossed in the swell of the beach.

Sea Turtle

This Ink is Van Dieman’s highest saturation green to date, with a gorgeous red sheen appearing on almost all paper types. Slightly on the cool side, almost a verdant green. 

Sea Urchin

This is an incredibly unique ink – a dark magenta, appearing black in all but the lightest applications, but with an extreme green sheen that shows up on almost any paper, or any material at all for that matter. This is due to the intense saturation of two separate Indian dyes used in this ink. Sea Urchin is an excellent and curious alternative to everyday black.

Sunken Treasure

This colour is based upon an old lost treasure chest, barnacle-covered and almost ruined from water damage, lying discarded on the ocean floor, and brimming with ancient loot. It is a softened mauve colour with dark bronzed shimmer.

Twilight Zone

Just below the sunlight zone, where very little light reaches, the twilight zone still mystifies scientists as they still have not discovered most of the sea life in this zone. A high saturation ink that sheens beautifully on good paper.

Fountain Pen Ink 30ml

Australian Made