Van Diemans Underwater Ink Bottle 30ml

Van Dieman's Underwater is the 7th series from Van Dieman’s Ink. Inspired by the Flora, Fauna, regions and mystery of the ocean, this collection of fountain pen and shimmer inks contains some of our most unique and experimental inks to date. 

Ghost Ship

This is Van Dieman’s first true Indigo, and a highly saturated ink, combining two Indian dyes to create a rich deep indigo base colour with orange golden sheen on good quality papers.

Sea Dragon

This is a beautiful lime green, named after Tasmania’s own Leafy Sea Dragon. This ink is lighter than the other greens in the Van Dieman's range, and their first true lime green.

Sea Shell

This ink is a bright and colourful shimmer ink. This is a light beige-orange ink with a unique orange-red shimmer, reminiscent of sparkling sunlight dancing on shells tossed in the swell of the beach.

Sea Turtle

This Ink is Van Dieman’s highest saturation green to date, with a gorgeous red sheen appearing on almost all paper types. Slightly on the cool side, almost a verdant green.