Fisher Space Pen Standard Pressurised Refill (SPR) Ballpoint (with G2 Parker Style adaptor)

Fisher Ballpoint Pen Refill:

Fisher Space Pen’s Sealed Pressurised Ink Cartridge performs in temperatures from -30ºF to +250ºF, underwater, in zero gravity, at any angle–even upside down! The ultimate in dependability! The choice of ski patrols, search and rescue teams, law enforcement agencies, armed forces, and everyone who demands reliability in a writing instrument.


  • Fisher ballpoint refill in a fine, medium, or broad tip in Blue and Black only - other colours only available in medium point; 
  • Pressurised refill designed to work in extreme cold, heat, underwater, upside down;
  • Designed to fit nearly all Fisher space pens. (Does not fit Q4) 
  • Comes with an adaptor for compatibility with G2 Parker style Ballpoint refills