LAMY x NeoLAB Safari NCode - All Black

The new LAMY Safari all black ncode bridges the gap between the analogue notebook and the unlimited world of digital writing. In cooperation with Lamy, Korean tech company NeoLAB Convergence launches an optoelectronic writing system.

When we need to quickly capture a few thoughts, we intuitively find it easiest to do so by hand using a pen - handwritten notes, annotations and sketches are the best way to capture our ideas, process what we've experienced and so understand the world. The LAMY Safari all black ncode now adds to this the fantastic potential of digital processing, combining both worlds in a single writing instrument: the advantages of analogue writing on paper with all the possibilities of digital storage and processing.

LAMY Safari meets 21st century technology: The LAMY Safari all black ncode is based on the successful design classic LAMY Safari all black rollerball with its proven ergonomic grip for fatigue-free writing and the distinctive, robust clip for keeping the writing instrument safe. It can be fitted with LAMY M 21 ballpoint refills in blue or black.

The writing instrument is equipped with the ncode technology developed by NeoLAB. In online mode, the writing instrument is connected via Bluetooth to the Neo Studio App on a device. Everything written down is transmitted in real time and is visible on that device. In offline mode, the writing instrument is not connected. However, every word, sketch or drawing is stored in the pen itself, there is a digital copy of all your notes and ideas.

ncode Sensor
The optoelectronic sensor reads the ncode pattern printed on the paper of the LAMY digital paper notebook and recognises handwriting and pages. The NeoLAB ncode sensor reads the codes from the blank surface - the processor (CPU) contained in the smart pen performs the complex mathematical calculation to locate the pen position on the page.

Micro USB port
The writing system from Lamy and NeoLAB Convergence is designed to fit perfectly with your own lifestyle. A full charge using a Micro USB cable permits 11 hours of non-stop writing.

Refills: LAMY M21 Ballpoint refills