Nahvalur Original Plus Fountain Pen - Lovina Graphite

Robust Elegance
The Lovina Graphite and Matira Quartz combines a sleek, muted design with the durability needed for daily use. Its high-quality build makes it a dependable choice for your everyday writing.

Ample Ink, Easy Refills
The vacuum filling system in the Lovina Graphite and Matira Quartz is a statement of efficiency, minimising downtime for refills and maximising your productivity and writing enjoyment.

Smoothly Nahvalur
Embrace the smooth signature Nahvalur writing experience with their in-house stainless steel nibs, available in fine, medium, broad, stub, and double broad sizes.

Nahvalur Original Plus Lovina Graphite Fountain Pen Specifications:

Edition: 2024 Regular Edition
Pen Material: Acrylic
Trims and Clip: Rose Gold-plated appointments
Nib: No. 6 stainless steel 
Pen length, closed: 146mm
Pen length, open (cap off): 130mm
Pen length, open (cap posted):177mm
Pen Diameter, barrel: 13 mm
Pen diameter, grip section: 9.5mm - 11mm
Pen weight (without ink): 34gm

Refills: Vacuum-Filler (bottled ink only)